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Welcome to Mental Mojo’s Nootropic Blog, where we will keep you posted on all matters of nootropics information. Team Mojo makes it a point to stay on top of all information that pertains to our products, whether it be fresh or widely studied. Our Nootropic Blog is intended to provide you with any nootropics information that could possibly interest you or help you better understand the benefits of how nootropics can provide you with clean, sustainable energy and focus on a daily basis.

At Mental Mojo, we’re devoted to keeping you in the loop. We will bend over backward to make sure you understand just exactly what it is that you’re taking and why it works to deliver you such clean, unadulterated energy. Because this can get super science-y and we realize not everyone is a scientist, (although we think this is a great time to brag about the fact that Mental Mojo was created by a neuroscientist), we promise to relay all information in terms that everyone can understand and (hopefully) will even find interesting. We also feature blogs to help you navigate life a bit better, whether you’re a student facing finals or a nurse battling long nights.

We’ve created this Nootropic Blog for you. We’re honored to have you on board as one of our customers and we want to deliver transparent answers to any questions that may arise regarding nootropics. If you’re not finding what you’re looking for on our blog or website, please feel free to reach out to our friendly staff. We’re always happy to assist where we can.

Happy reading, learning, and go-getting. Thanks for your interest in Mental Mojo!

5 Tips on How to Focus

by Alexander LaCroix on

Throughout your workday, do you find yourself daydreaming, or searching for other ways to mentally pull yourself away from the task at hand? Absentminded employees cost companies millions...

Sleep Solutions for Quality Sleep and for Energy and Focus

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Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things you can do to improve energy and focus. Your body is not designed to function properly...

How Nootropics Could Improve Your Memory

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Are you familiar with nootropics? Nootropics may be defined as any given substance that influences cognitive ability in a positive way. Nootropics have the ability to boost the...

Why You Need Nootropics That Actually Work

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Okay, sure, you’ve been duped before by false advertising and undelivered promises of limitless energy and endless brainpower. We get it. All we are asking for is a...

The Winning Effect

by Alexander LaCroix on

Have you ever played a board game with someone who seems to be irritatingly incapable of losing? There may be some science available to back this up. Charlie...

The Science Behind a Good Night’s Sleep and a Focused Mind

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Everyone knows that there is no substitute for a good night’s sleep. Getting that solid, eight hours of recommended, high-quality sleep versus restlessly checking your smartphone to determine...

Brains or Brawn: What Does Your Workout Build?

by Alexander LaCroix on

Your brain is a muscle, but new studies are revealing that certain types of exercise build it better than others. A recent study funded by the Academy of Finland examined...

Can Adults Grow More Neurons?

by Alexander LaCroix on

The short answer is “yes,” through a process called neurogenesis. Unsurprisingly, one of the primary areas for neuron growth is the portion of the brain called the hippocampus, which...

Binge-Watching = Brain Drain

by Alexander LaCroix on

Recent cognitive performance studies suggest that binge-watching TV on a regular basis is bad for your brain. Specifically, researchers at the University of California followed individuals with low exercise levels and high...

Grace Under Pressure: Avoiding Emotional Override

by Alexander LaCroix on

In the heat of battle with a friend or significant other, they suddenly throw a power punch. Heat prickles across your skin. Your heart rate increases. Your chest...