The Winning Effect

Have you ever played a board game with someone who seems to be irritatingly incapable of losing? There may be some science available to back this up.

Charlie Sheen and, more recently (and way more credibly), stock trader turned neuroscientist, John Coates, both believe there’s something to be said about The Winning Effect. In short, The Winning Effect, aka “Tiger’s Blood”, is the theory that you’re more inclined to continued success if you’ve just experienced a win.

You’ve obviously heard of a winning streak. Athletes are familiar with this term but it can also apply to people in any field who have had a streak of good luck. The positive effects of winning and the boost in self-confidence one receives when they achieve a victory, big or small, should not be ignored.

Is Tiger’s Blood a Thing?

In his book, The Hour Between Dog and Wolf, Coates postulates that winning fundamentally alters our body’s chemistry in a way that makes continued success more probable—in other words, winning’s chemical effect on the body creates a “positive feedback loop.” Biochemically speaking, Coates theorizes that winning generates testosterone, boosting self-confidence, and subsequent reaction time and focus to catalyze even more winning. Conversely, losing generates cortisol, the stress hormone.

Coates relies on several different studies to support his theory: some human, others animal.

The Winning Effect & Humans:

For his human study, Coates profiled tennis players and discovered that those who won their first set had a 60% chance of winning the match. If Coates is correct, this means that the confidence they exuded by winning their first match carried over to make them victorious in their second. Pretty cool, huh? Think of the feeling you had the last time you played a great round of golf or succeeded in signing a new client for your company—the feelings are overwhelmingly positive and memorable, which means you’re likely to repeat the same things in order for them to happen again.

The Winning Effect & Animals:

To further collect data, Coates turned to animals. The animal study pitted animals of different species against one another in controlled experiments. The animals were then carefully chosen to ensure that psychological capabilities and instinctual motivations were evenly matched. Nevertheless, The Winning Effect emerged! Of the experiments he conducted, Coates writes, “We hold the keys to victories within us, but usually cannot find them”.

black and white image of two boxers in a ring, one with his hand lifted as the winner

Boosting Self-Confidence:

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