5 Tips on How to Focus

Throughout your workday, do you find yourself daydreaming, or searching for other ways to mentally pull yourself away from the task at hand? Absentminded employees cost companies millions of dollars in wasted time each year. Being unfocused certainly isn’t going to help you climb the ladder of success at your company. Read on to learn 5 tips on how to focus and boost your motivation as a result.

1. Get Enough Sleep

If you aren’t getting enough sleep at night, it is going to be difficult for your mind to stay focused throughout the day. Harvard Medical School recommends getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night so that your mind is able to think clearly and for your memory to retain information. Whether you aren’t going to bed early enough, or whether you are suffering from a sleep disorder, not getting proper sleep causes your attention and concentration abilities to drop.

To ensure that you get better sleep, there are several steps you can take. Make sure that you are exercising at least 3 hours before bedtime, limiting caffeine intake, and developing a healthy sleep routine where you go to bed at the same time each night. Don’t eat late in the evening, particularly foods that may cause heartburn. Taking a natural sleep aid supplement may also be helpful in sending you off into dreamland.

2. Write It Down

One of the surefire tips on how to focus and get the job done is to make an effective to-do-list, and stick with it. A good to-do list will help prioritize the tasks for your day and help you to stay on task. Formulating an effective to-do list begins with writing down tasks that are concise and specific. Assign due dates to your tasks to keep you on track. If you cram too much into one day, you may feel overwhelmed and not accomplish anything. Decide on your limit for the number of tasks you wish to accomplish each day, and focus on completing those that are the most important.

3. Tips on How to Focus: Reduce Distractions

As you are reading these words, there is a chance that you will become distracted before you even finish this page. The simple truth is that every day at work, we all face distractions of many different kinds. With calls and social notifications that come in, coworkers that drop by, emails to check, and numerous others, our energy and productivity can become significantly hindered.

One expert tip for focusing at work is to lessen distractions with time blocking. Working in blocks of time means setting aside a specific amount of time for a task or project, and during this time you make an intentional effort to not allow any distractions to break your focus. For example, you may commit to working without any distractions for a block of 50 minutes. Next, take a 10-minute break, which you can use to check emails and social media, or make yourself a cup of tea. Following this method will increase productivity and creativity.

mindfulness written on paper

4. Practice Mindfulness

According to Berkeley University, people spend about 47% of their day thinking about something other than what they are meant to be doing. Thankfully, by incorporating mindfulness exercises throughout your day, you can actually teach your mind to focus better. What exactly is mindfulness, you may ask? It involves being in the present moment, and paying full attention to your breath. Spending 10 minutes following a guided breathing exercise can work wonders in training your mind to focus on what you are doing in the present moment.

5. Tip for Focusing at Work: Fuel Your Brain

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