Sleep Shaker

Sleep Shaker

Looking to invest in some delightful zzz’s? You’ve come to the right place. Mellow Mojo is a non-habit-forming sleep aid designed by a molecular biologist with your best night’s sleep in mind. Mellow Mojo delivers a deep, slow-wave sleep to you efficiently and safely, all without the morning grogginess. Before you drift off into la-la land, shake up and enjoy your Mellow Mojo in a stylish shaker bottle BPA-Free for an always-ready dose of unbeatable sleep.

Presented in a BPA-Free shaker bottle, you can take this versatile container with you anywhere and be constantly assured of how dreamy your nights get to be. Mellow Mojo comes in powdered form in a delicious apple cider flavor and can be enjoyed either hot or cold, depending on your preference. It’s simple: add a scoop of Mellow Mojo to your BPA-Free shaker bottle, shake well, and enjoy the neverending benefits of sleeping well. Our Sleep Shaker is safe to use and can accompany you on every trip you go on, never leaving you without the solution to a solid night’s sleep.

Mellow Mojo is perfectly safe and provides a sought-after alternative to sleeping aids that are addictive and cause drowsiness in the morning. End your day the right way with Mellow Mojo and see what it does for your mornings. Enjoy epic savings with our special offer, too!

Mellow Mojo pairs fantastically with our brain-enhancing daytime supplement, Mental Mojo.

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