The Five Best Brain-Boosting Rituals

Your brain is your engine of success. Research suggests that adopting the five following rituals will keep it finely tuned into your golden years.

  1. Savor the little victories: your brain doesn’t know the difference between little ones and big ones, but perceived progress is an enormous driver of positive behaviors and neurochemistry. Consider a morning routine that ends with an accomplishment (working out, writing a blog entry, etc.) to get your victory in the bag at the beginning of your day.
  2. Exercise: As little as 20 minutes daily can keep your brain sharp and limber. Check out our previous blog post on neurogenesis to learn which types of exercise are the best for brain function!
  3. Challenge your brain daily: focus on less frequently used aspects of your cognition for optimal impact. This could involve learning a new language or a new musical instrument.
  4. Posture makes perfect: sit/stand straight, shoulders back with an air of confidence–studies show that this subconsciously primes your brain for optimal function.
  5. Don’t spoon your cell phone–its blue light can adversely affect sleep patterns such that the brain’s ability to flush beta-amyloid (a harmful neurotoxin) is inhibited.

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