Sleep Deprivation Makes You Drunk (Sort Of)

Brain damage, hallucinations, impaired wit, risky decisions, slurred speech: can you guess what causes all of these alarming side effects? Many of us would immediately assume hardcore drug usage, and many of us would be wrong. In addition to being wrong, we would also be shocked, as these are all symptoms of a commonplace, vastly under-appreciated (and therefore insidious) aspect of our lives: sleep deprivation.  Sure, all-nighters are a highly effective short-term strategy for achieving long-term results (valedictorian, partner, shareholder, etc.).  And thanks to nootropic stacks such as Mental Mojo, their immediate effects can be neutralized, or at the very least, minimized (nootropics are exponentially more effective in the face of the cognitive deficits caused by sleep deprivation). But make no mistake about it: we are never at our best when we are short on sleep–we are as good as drunk (more or less). And since there is a good chance of sleep-deprivation today, this Science Saturday is conveniently contained within an easily digestible infographic. Cheers!

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