How Does Music Help You Focus?

There seems to be two different types of people in the world: ones who use music to focus and ones who need complete and total silence in order to get anything done. Your preference doesn’t make you right or wrong, but let’s find out more about music and focus and get a better grasp on the question at hand. Read on to learn more about brain boosting beats and rhythm’s effect on focus.

Feel That Beat:

Since ancient times, drums have been at the center of some of humanity’s most important moments. The rhythm of drums spirited soldiers into battle and elevated souls into alternative realities during some religious ceremonies. Today, neuroscience is revealing what humanity has innately appreciated all along: the fact that rhythm moves us—all the way down (or up?) to our brain waves.

Hit Me With The Science:

If you’re wondering specifically: ‘how does music help you focus?’, you’ll find it interesting that electroencephalographs (EEGs), which are used to measure the electrical impulses in the brain, have revealed that drums actually stimulate the brain, causing its brainwaves to resonate in time with their rhythm. So, what does this mean for music and focus and the apparent link? We’re glad you asked. Research has shown that slow beats actually encourage hypnotic states while fast beats encourage alertness and enhanced focus.

More Studies:

Harold Russell, a clinical psychologist at the University of Washington used the elderly population to direct his study of rhythmic stimuli. Budzynski was able to show that victims of brain damage may also benefit from the increased blood flow catalyzed by rhythm. To quote Budzynski directly, “when a novel stimulus is applied to the brain, the brain lights up and cerebral blood flow increases.” One of Budzynski’s subjects who suffered a stroke claimed that “the fog went away” with the application of rhythmic stimuli.

The Mojo team has long benefited from rhythmic music… to the point that we even integrated it into the very first version of our website. We called it The Concentration Station where you could find a collection of rhythmic cognitive stimuli goodness for our users to groove out to when they need better focus.

But How Does Music Help You Focus?

Hey, it’s not for everyone as we said in the beginning, but if you’re having trouble with concentrating, try it out. A good option for music to listen to when you’re trying to focus is classical music since there are no lyrics. Again, to each his own. Sometimes you’re better off creating and studying in total silence, and we’re not here to stop you—find what works for you, no choice is the wrong one.

A Little More Focus, Please:

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