Brain Bottle

Brain Bottle
Dose your Mojo perfectly with our 25oz., BPA-Free, “Space Capsule” Water Bottle.

Mental Mojo offers a supplement shaker bottle perfect for you to enjoy our delicious brain-enhancing nootropic drink from. Dose your Mojo perfectly every time with this 25 oz. BPA-Free, “Brain Bottle” water bottle today. Come on, there’s no excuse for slacking on hydration! Now your water or go-to liquid can contain Mental Mojo, a doctor-designed supplement created to boost your energy, focus, processing speed, and overall health.

Similar to a gym shaker bottle, you can take our Brain Bottle with you everywhere so you can invest in your intellectual health when you use it for your daily dose of Mental Mojo. Simply add a scoop of Mental Mojo into your supplement shaker bottle, shake it up, and enjoy the ultimate in brain-boosting nootropics. Yeah, it’s that easy.

Mental Mojo is safe, effective, and as an added bonus, tastes great. Worried about weight gain? Don’t. With your optimal health in mind, our nootropic drink is made with 0 calories and 0 sugar, so you can enjoy the many benefits of the supplement totally guilt-free. Mental Mojo comes in an easy-to-use powdered form in a tasty strawberry kiwi flavor.

This high-quality supplement shaker bottle is the perfect reminder for you to stay hydrated and keep your brainpower on the up and up. Use Mental Mojo daily for all the good boosts and none of the negative side effects.

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